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Of course your company cannot stay behind on the subject of mobile applications. Facilitating fully controlled apps for employees, temporary forces, partners, suppliers and customers will make processes faster, simpler and better. OASE APP SERVICES helps you from deciding on your strategy to the realization of branded apps. And with your own app store for your organization. We like to help you by making our extensive app selection customized for your organisation or by establishing your own app store for your organisation. Including the link to your existing systems and support to make sure your apps are appreciated and well used.


A small selection of our mobile solutions

Branded App Store

Obrandedappstorease App Services would like to help you with the realization of your own device independent App Store, completely in your corporate design. With your App Store you can let employees, partners and customers use mobile applications controlled, recognizable and safe. From a SaaS solution we deliver the platform which suits best your company’s expectation. Next to existing MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions, the branded App Store offers the place where all users, whether they use MDM or not, can find and download company applications.

Mobile Application Management

mobileapplicationmanagementKeeping the mobile apps in control within your organization and the information in these applications. Making sure people can work safe, reliable and simple by only having to log in once. Those are among other things what we will realize with Mobile Application Management. On all OS and mobile devices of course, making sure you have full control on your mobile fleet. Oase App Services gives you with Mobile Application Management complete control of your security, privacy and the lifecycle of your application. This will result in you having full control over your Apps within your organisation. With clear statistics and feedback possibilities from the users, you will always know exactly what is going on and what the user experience is.

Paperless meetings

papierloos-vergaderen-1Meetings, we all have them. But how efficient is the meeting culture in your organisation?  We take meetings to the 21st century. With our paperless meetings app, everybody is well prepared, has the same information and decisions can be made quickly and captured clearly. This will decrease meeting time drastically. Planning a meeting will be easier than ever before and decisions will be clear for everybody and remembered until further action has been taken.

Activity based working

activitybasedworkingActivity based working offers you a work environment based on activities of the users. Completely dependent on the actions of someone, a fitting workplace will be found. Having a meeting with a group? No problem, based on real time availability the best place for this session will be immediately displayed. This will put unutilized expensive meeting rooms into optimal use. With activity based working you can even provide flexible personalized workstations (light, temperature, backgroundmusic, etc.). But people can also fast and easily find their colleagues and facilities. And of course, guests will be welcomed professionally and be guided impressively.

Employee Engagement

vietlandInvolve employees fully with your brand, brand value and relevant information. Facilitate users with useful information through multiple channels and devices, so that everyone always has the right information at the right time and of course interactively can join and share information with others. From newsupdates up to Narrowcasting, whereby you can exchange relevant information based on place and time.

Existing apps

We use existing Apps in the mobile experience of the user, with the same demands in the area of security and privacy. Think of applications in terms of:

  • ERP
  • CRM
  • mobile-businessProject Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Customer Support
  • Productivity
  • Collaboration
  • Facilities Management
  • Human Resources
  • Customized Apps


Business applications and the easy but secure access to relevant business information should be readily available across all mobile devices. We believe, due to the increasing use of mobile devices in business environments, Enterprise Apps play a business critical role in enabling Users to be more productive, better equipped for collaboration and fully empowered when working remotely.


We deliver your Enterprise Apps, making sure the Apps are available, accessible and adopted We take care of the complexity of building, mobilizing, promoting and managing App so that you can stay focused on your Business objectives.

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